The Feuerstein Library is responsible for the development of all the instruments for the Feuerstein Method. The Library was created the late Professor Reuven Feuerstein and Rabbi Rafi Feuerstein. Its extensive book list includes teen classics, books and instruction manuals. The company is engaged in the design, translation, editing, printing and distribution of these materials to schools and organizations throughout the world.

Feuerstein Educational Tools have been translated into English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Danish, Finnish, Dutch, Arabic, Japanese, Czech, Polish, Romanian and Hungarian.

The complete library catalog, as well as order forms, can be found in the online shop.

Depending upon demand, the Library will send orders to a printer / warehouse near you.

It is possible to estimate order delivery with the provided time charts. Nonetheless, we suggest that ample time be left for receiving your order.

We also recommend that you think broadly with regard to choosing your materials. Both applied tools and understanding their theoretical bases are critical to the successful implementation of the Feuerstein system. Please contact us for assistance in choosing the appropriate package for your needs.

We regularly update and edit our tools across languages. We welcome questions and comments. Please feel free to contact us.