How to order

Feuerstein books are available for general purchase. Feuerstein instruments and teacher guides are available for purchase only by Feuerstein-certified teachers, authorized trainers and authorized centers.

Book Purchases

To purchase books, please place into the cart the books you would like to purchase. Next, enter your shipping and invoice information, choose your payment method and save your order confirmation number for tracking purposes. Registration is highly recommended, as the system will save your shipping and invoice data, show your previous purchases, and send you vouchers and information about new Feuerstein publications.

Instrument and User Guide Purchases

To purchase instruments and user guides, simply enter your valid certification number. Holders of multiple certificates: please enter the number of your highest certificate (for example, if your Trainer 2 standard certificate is valid, there is no need to enter your IE standard certifications).

After registering, the system will save the data. For subsequent orders, the system will automatically check the validity of your certifications.

Please note that the Feuerstein Terms of Use stipulate that only Feuerstein graduates with a valid Feuerstein Institute certificate may purchase the Feuerstein tools and guides.

Please follow the purchasing directions below.

  1. Find your product
    • Browse with the category menu
    • Choose your sub category
    • Choose Language
  2. Choose your Product
    • Click on the product you want
  3. Check product information
    • Check highlighted information, scroll down for more details
      1. Check product availability and expected delivery time.
      2. Click Buy Now to process
  4. Confirm Shopping cart
    • Check Cart Details, Select product quantity
      1. Choose Close and continue Shopping or Proceed to checkout to place your order.
  5. Enter your email address
    • Enter your email address to receive order notifications
    1. Choose your option:
      1. Continue without password (for books only) continue without creating or logging into your account.
      2. I already have an account – enter your ID Number and password to log in and re-use stored delivery information. If you don't have an account you will have to open one.
      3. Click Continue
  6. Provide delivery information
    • Enter required information
      1. Check Delivery Fee
      2. Click Continue
  7. Choose your payment
    • Select your payment method
      1. Optional: Enter you Voucher Code and Click Use Voucher, the price will be updated if successful.
  8. Confirm your order summary and delivery information
    1. Click Place your order to finalize the purchase
    2. Confirm the Feuerstein Terms of use
  9. Receive order confirmation
    1. Note your Order Number for future order tracking, this order confirmation will be sent also to you via email