A Think - Aloud and Talk - Aloud Approach to Building Language

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Feuerstein, R., Falik, L. H., and Feuerstein, R. S. , Kristina Bohacs. Foreword by Yvette Jackson.

While self-talk like ''Now we are buckling you in the car seat so we can go to the store'' is common parental practice, this book shows how teachers, parents, and therapists can take this to higher levels to advance language cognitive development and learning potential. Based on neuroscience and their own innovative work, the authors provide the rationale and a step-by-step process for using intentional self-talk and think-aloud methods to improve language and cognitive development in normal and language-delayed children, as well as in older individuals with disabilities. Stories are sprinkled throughout the text to demonstrate mediated self-talk in action and the results achieved with real children. The book describes the concept of mediated soliloquy (MSL), or self-talk, with individuals or classrooms where and how it can be applied, and illustrates the use of MSL to improve both language and interpersonal function with children exhibiting delays, spectrum behavior, and social difficulties.

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