Beyond Smarter - Paperback

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Feuerstein, R., Falik, L. H., and Feuerstein, R. S

Originally developed to help students overcome learning obstacles created by emotional trauma or neurobiological learning disabilities, Reuven Feuerstein's work is now used in major cities around the world to support impoved thinking and learning by all students. This book is the most up-to-date summary of his thinking and includes accessible descriptions of his tools and methods for cognitive modifiability and mediated learning. With dramatic case studies throughout, Feuerstein and his co-authors define intelligence as a dynamic force that drives the human organism to change the structure of thinking in order to answer the needs it encounters. They describe in detail the specific skills of the three stages of thinking: input or oberservation and data-gathering stage; development or processing stage; and output stage including analysis, synthesis, and communication.

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